Website Carbon API

How is your website impacting the planet?.

The internet consumes a lot of electricity. 416.2TWh per year to be precise. To give you some perspective, that’s more than the entire United Kingdom.

From data centres to transmission networks to the devices that we hold in our hands, it is all consuming electricity, and in turn producing carbon emissions.

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What is the API

The API powers, in that it runs the tests that produces the results the website shows.

The API is build with PHP, Flight, Google Page Speed Insights, and the Green Web Foundation API

API Endpoints


The page you are viewing at the moment


This endpoint accepts a URL parameter and will run a test in real time to calculate the carbon emissions generated per page view

This endpoint is cached and will only test the same URL once every 24 hours


This endpoint accepts a URL parameter, and returns an array of urls linking to the history page for all pages


This endpoint accepts a URL parameter and a page parameter and returns 10 results at a time


An endpoint to calculate the emissions of a page by manually passing the bytes and whether or not it is powered by green hosting


An endpoint with refined data output powering the website carbon badge.

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